VFA-212 "Sea Lions" Tiger Meet VF-1S

By Jason W. Smith

Tiger Meet VF-1

  This Valkyrie was auctioned on Ebay May 09, 2002. She sold in excess of $395 and I am sad to have seen her go. Sadly, no clear images exist of the completed Valkyrie (with heatshield and FAAST Pack).  

  This is a U.N. Navy VF-1S flown by Commander Jeffrey "Yah-Yah" Framton, the suqadron commander of VFA-212 "Sea Lions." This aircraft is featured in my novel, "Attention on Deck!" and is a great looking scheme.

  The International Air Tattoo "Tiger Meet" was started in 1961. It is a morale-boosting gathering of NATO squadrons who are bound by the "Brotherhood of Big Cats." Squadrons with large cats as their mascot/symbol are invited to attend. A contest for the most original "Tiger" paint scheme is held with a trophy going to the squadron that wins. Such activities were bound to continue into the "Macross" era and feature prominently in "Attention on Deck!"


Images of Completed Valkyrie (Completion Date: April 2002)

Note: Images with an * were taken prior to final decal placement.

(Graciously Submitted by the Tiger's New Owner)

(Graciously Submitted by the Tiger's New Owner)

(Graciously Submitted by the Tiger's New Owner)
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Tiger Meet Valkyrie
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