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Read this true story--it isn't a long book, but it's a good one. For a summary, click on the image above. For online ordering, click here. Be sure and ask Gene to autograph it for you. Tell him I sent you!

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Dallas COWBOYS Football (Real Audio!)

  • A.M. 1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX
  • A.M. 1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX
  • A.M. 5-- KLVI Beaumont, TX
  • A.M. 5-- KLVI Beaumont, TX
  • A.M. 1150 WTAW Bryan/College Station, TX
  • A.M. 1150 WTAW Bryan/College Station, TX

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This is my self-defense carry pistol, the SIG SAUER P229. Thanks to Slick Willie (a.k.a. Bubba, Puffy, Tubby, Bill Clinton, Satan) I can only carry 11 rounds of .40 cal. COR-BON +P ammo in it instead of 13. Still, I make do. My only complaint is that not all of the parts on the 229 are stainless steel, and in our humid Texas weather that equals rust. SIG does offer an all-stainless 229 called the 229S, but I am unsure if the trigger, decocker, hammer, and disassembly lever are stainless steel as well. Besides, I don't like the "vented compensator" and the pistol costs way more than my budget will allow, any way. I highly recommend T.J.'s Custom Gunworks to all SIG owners. He does some fine work. As for the rest of you--better buy one now before Clinton, Sarah Brady, and Charles Schumer (a.k.a., The Three Stooges) ban 'em!

Firearms Issues:

  • Gun Talk With Tom Gresham - Listen on the radio or on the net. If your local affiliate doesn't carry this show, get them to!
  • G. Gordon Liddy Homepage - Like him or lump him, the G-Man knows the Bill of Rights! Check out the Liddy Letter section!
  • Can't get your favorite station or Conservative Talk Show on the net? Have no fear, just click HERE!

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  • And of course, my favorite page (*GAG*)...a GREAT place for a laugh!! Dive in and swim around in the ignorance and uninformed alarmism of the Handgun Control Inc. Homepage


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