Attention on Deck! - A Robotech Warrior's Life and Times

Captain Jeffrey Dale Framton, RDFN (Ret.)


ROBOTECH: Attention on Deck! - A Robotech Warrior's Life and Times - by Captain Jeffrey Dale Framton, RDFN (ret.)

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Praise for the Robotech Autobiography "Attention On Deck!"

"The true story of one of the Robotech Defense Force's top aces in his own words. Through three Robotech Wars, Captain Framton takes the reader on a breathtaking journey of triumph, tragedy, and sacrifice. A must read for anyone wanting to know what flying a Veritech Fighter in combat is really like."

--Donald Wilson, Information World Magazine

"I just finished reading 'Attention on Deck!' and I was breath taken! The book is pure brilliance. I just couldn't put it down."

--Grant Power, RDF Times Magazine

"Jake Framton has done what no other has yet been able to: put the reader in the cockpit of a Veritech! Fasten your seatbelts! What a story!"

--COL A.P. Rutland, REFMC (ret.)

"Easily the most compelling book about the Robotech Wars ever written. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. More importantly, it will make you appreciate the magnitude of Earth's greatest struggle."

--LTGEN Michael "Mad Mike" Choi, RDFMC, (ret.)

"Hands down the best Naval Aviation autobiography since 'Feet Wet.' Framton is a master storyteller. Five huge stars!"

--RADM Mike "Python" Connally, REFN (ret.)

"['Attention On Deck!'] is no run-of-the-mill war story. It is a brutally honest look at the life of a combat pilot, not just in the cockpit, but at home and in the heart. Captain Framton keeps no secrets in this sweepingly emotional, often amazing, tale. A modern classic. Highly recommended."

--Delaina DeRoeck, Insights

"Finally! A view inside the cockpit [of a Veritech]! The only things missing are the G's!"

--William Osgood, Military Aviation Magazine


Fan-Fiction by

Jason W. Smith*

Copyright © 1995-2022

Based on characters and situations from
Robotech, © 1985 Harmony Gold, USA, Inc.

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